Career & Education Outreach Program

The Career and Education Outreach (CEO) Program expands student career education to participating schools around the region, bringing awareness to high-demand jobs and the skills they require while equipping middle and high school students with tools and information to prepare for their future careers. Specialists from Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas work closely with school district personnel, postsecondary training providers, employers, and community partners to enhance career exploration and work-based learning opportunities available to students.

Program Overview

The CEO program is structured around core focus areas and is adaptable to the needs of individual schools. Presentation scheduling is flexible and depends on the availability of participating campuses and the assigned Specialists.

  • Specialists provide five engaging and interactive presentations/workshops to 6th-12th grade students in a classroom setting on the following topics: labor market and high demand jobs, employability skills (two-part series), work-based learning, and postsecondary pathways
  • Participating school campuses receive one virtual reality day with up to 20 headsets and at least two Workforce Solutions staff (any students on campus in 6th-12th grade are able to participate in virtual reality career exploration)

Program Requirements

We've added capacity and have space for up to 35 campuses (i.e. high school and junior high count separately as two campuses). The CEO program is first come, first serve. Please contact your district administration about participation. Schools wishing to participate must do the following:

  • Complete and submit the Survey Monkey form to apply
  • Review, sign, and return the MOU 
  • Schedule a meeting between the campus point of contact and assigned Specialist in order to:
    • Confirm grade levels/classes that will receive presentations
    • Provide scheduling availability for presentations
    • Determine any necessary equipment 
    • Discuss logistical details of Specialists visiting school campuses
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