Workforce Board Members


Meeting Information
  • 12:00 noon
  • Third Wednesday of the month in February, April, June, August, October, and December
  • Lone Star Room (12th floor) of the Enterprise Building at 500 Chestnut in Abilene, Texas

Name Title Email Phone
Adams, Hanna      
Andrade, Alice      
Astin, Jim Committee Chair- Workforce    
Bailey, Janet      
Bailey, Mikeana      
Becker, Ken      
Bennett, Ame      
Crist, Bill Executive Committee: Vice Chair    
Dye, Steve Executive Committe: Regional Representative    
Elrod, Leisha      
Garcia, Pete      
Garcia, Samuel Executive Committee: Past Chair    
Garduno, Ketta      
Harper, Sam      
Henson, Daniel Executive Committee: Secretary-Treasurer    
Higginbotham, Seaton      
Higgins, Tommy      
Hillis, Larry      
Howle, Tracy      
Lawson, Mignon      
Manley, Tim Executive Committee: Regional Representative    
Martin, Shaun      
McKeever, Billie Executive Committee: Regional Representative    
Pearson, Cynthia      
Porter, Kevin Committee Chair- Employers    
Reese, Tammy Executive Committee: Chair    
Stephenson, Ben      
Winter, Thomas