Summer Externship Program

Through this professional development opportunity, educators across West Central Texas work side-by-side with industry peers during a 2 to 3-day (15 hours) Summer Externship at participating businesses. This unique experience builds lasting partnerships between industry and education, benefiting businesses, schools, and the future workforce in our 19-county region.

Information for Employers

Business Benefits

  • Program flexibility to develop an Externship opportunity that fits your business
  • Create lasting partnerships with regional teachers
  • Ensure your workforce needs are understood
  • Increase opportunities for additional career-based activities such as job shadowing, plant tours, and career speakers
  • Directly contribute to sustaining a more highly-skilled workforce

Employer Expectations

  • Choose 2 to 3-days to cover a total of 15 hours within one week to host the Extern
  • Provide Extern with various career experiences during the Externship
  • First time hosting an extern? We put together a Business Planning Guide (PDF) for support!

Information for Educators

Teacher Benefits

  • Gain first-hand knowledge of how classroom and learning strategies are applied in the workplace
  • Receive professional development and create lesson plans linking Externship learning to student academic and career planning
  • Receive a $500 stipend and 21 professional development hours (CEUs)
  • Enhance classroom curriculum with real-world career connections

Educator Expectations

  • Interest in building capacity around student academic/career planning
  • Participation in both pre- and post-Externship events
  • Submit a lesson plan at the completion of the Externship program
  • An interest in maintaining a relationship with the Externship business