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Virtual Student Appointments

Would your child benefit from a virtual career appointment with one of our Career and Education Outreach Specialists? During these one-on-one appointments, your child can speak directly to our team about any questions they might have about their future career.

Video Library

Not sure where to begin on your career exploration journey? Check out our Vimeo page where our CEOs have compiled how-to videos, tutorials, and webinars on our favorite career resources. 

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Worksheets & Activities

Curated with your West Central Texas child in mind, we have put together six week worth of units of activities and helpful career-related information for your child to engage with at home.

  1. Week 1: Virtual Communication
  2. Week 2: Employability Skills
  3. Week 3: Jobs Now!

Activity 1: Match the App - Recent events have made the way we communicate and learn in business and education change at an exponential rate. It seems there are thousands of apps, but what are they really used for? Test your knowledge on 12 apps and maybe discover one that will help you be productive! Available in PDF or Word Document format.

Activity 2: Mind Your E-Mail Manners - Sending emails has become a part of our everyday functions but do we always mind our email manners?  Refresh your email etiquette or learn some new ideas in our Mind Your Email Manners infographic and see how your manners hold up. Available in PDF format.

Activity 3: Virtual Communication in the Real World -  Schools across the United States have had to switch to a virtual classroom due to the coronavirus; however, not all classrooms are equal. This activity requires students to read a scholarly article from Education Dive that discuss what lawmakers are doing to increase internet access and facilitate remote learning. The article is accompanied by a media worksheet. Available in PDF format.

Activity 4: Social Media Soundness - All of our social media can use a checkup.  Check out suggestions for a healthy social media and see how your can put your social media to work for you! Available in PDF format.

Activity 5: Tips for Virtual Live Sessions - In this activity, there is a great infographic that shows how to create engagement and a community feel in virtual live sessions. One of these steps includes participating in a virtual ice breaker. There is an accompanying “Virtual Ice Breaker” article and activity that allows students to make real connections. Available in PDF format.

  1. Week 4: Work/Life Balance
  2. Week 5: Get a job!
  3. Week 6: What's next?!

Activity 1: Journaling- Write It Out! - Writing for a few minutes a day boosts your mood and contributes to better productivity. This exercise asks students to try free writing four days at three to five minutes a day, and then reflect on their mood at the end of the week.

Activity 2: Get Outside! - It is easy to sit inside all day either completing school work or watching television, but humans have a real connection to nature. Studies prove that for individuals to be productive, we must spend time in the outdoors. This poster gives a few practical tips anyone can do to get outside.
Activity 3: Take a Deep Breath! - There are many stress management techniques. One helpful technique is diaphragmatic breathing. This is a great way to relieve stress when working through any task that requires lots of concentration and brain power.

Activity 4: Positivity Every Day - It is easy to get down when life is crazy.  Discover how positivity every day can improve many facets of life with a few simple changes.  Take the opportunity to discover and practice how to put some positivity in every day.

Activity 5: Stress Management in the Real World - " 6 Stress Management Tips for Online Students” gives excellent advice on how to help students deal with their stress.  The “Stress Mandala” activity is meant to ensure that students understand the article while completing a stress-reduction activity at the same time.