Resume Writing

Why Resume Writing is Important

A resume is your first impression opportunity with your prospective employer. Your resume is you! Consider what image you want to project. A resume is a personal statement and should reflect your style, and, as such, will differ from any other person’s resume.

Do the Prep Work First

A well-constructed resume requires that background work be done before you begin writing. You cannot properly bring your credentials to the attention of prospective employers without this preparation. Begin by taking a personal inventory. Examine and define your skills, interests, accomplishments, and experiences.

You must also know the range of positions for which you are qualified, and the interest you have in this kind of employment. You need to identify employers for whom you would like to work and the qualifications required for entry-level positions in those organizations.

Put It Together

Do a search for resume samples. You cannot, however, assume you can use 1 resume for every job opening you find. Customizing the resume to the specific job is very important. Read the ad carefully and check the job description. Examine your skills and highlight those that are common to both. Search the web for industry-specific resume samples.

Quick Tips

For a list of dos and don’ts, please view Quick Tips.

Additional Information

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