What is the World of Work (WOW) Youth Expo?

The WOW Youth Expo features a keynote speaker and 100+ engaging exhibitors from business/industry, post-secondary schools, and regional organizations, as well as mock interviews for juniors and seniors. This event provides students a unique opportunity to engage with exhibitors from a variety of career clusters, immerse themselves in the world of work, and perhaps help them identify or verify their career pathway!

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1. What is the World of Work (WOW) Youth Expo?
2. What grades can attend the WOW Youth Expo?
3. Is there a cost to attend?
4. Can we bring multiple groups of students?
5. What do the different start times mean?
6. How early should we arrive before our start time?
7. What if we have parents who wish to attend?
8. How can we prepare our students for the event?
9. Can we showcase a program or group at the event?
10. Will lunch be provided?
11. My school only has a couple of students who are able to attend. Can they register on their own?