Q: What is the purpose of this video contest?

  •  To promote awareness of career opportunities in the West Central Texas region and generate high-quality, local resources for use by students, parents, educators, Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas, participating businesses, industry associations, and the general public.

Q: Can students/teachers from a private school participate?

  •  Students from a licensed/accredited school are able to participate. However, they will require a teacher sponsor.

Q: What grades are considered middle school and high school?

  •  Middle school divisions will include 6th-8th grades and high school divisions will include 9th-12th grades.

Q: Can school-sponsored organizations submit videos?

  • Yes! Formalized organizations such as Student Council, National Honor Society, FFA, etc. are able to participate. If you're not sure if your group is considered a "school-sponsored" group, please feel free to reach out with any questions.

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