Video Content & Judging

Q: Who will be judging the videos?

  • Local employers, representatives from sectors such as education, media, etc. and community members will serve as judges.

Q: What are the scoring criteria?

  • Inclusion of required content:
    • introductory title frame
    • information regarding essential knowledge, skills, and abilities
    • career pathway information (high school, post-secondary, and employment opportunities)
    • local, regional, and/or state employers
    • video credits
    • fits within required length
  • Overall quality
  • Effective delivery of message
  • Creativity
  • Entertainment value

Q: What do you mean by "interview" an employer or person in the field of work? 

  • One important part of career exploration is engaging with people in the field. We strongly encourage students to visit with employers/people in the field in order to learn more about the work environment, opportunities for advancement, required knowledge, skills, and abilities, etc. Interviews will earn extra points!

Q: Do you have any resources that our students can reference for information? 

  • Yes! Check the bottom of the Careers in Action webpage for resources.

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