What are the benefits of this program?
  • Employers are not inundated with a written notice of application for unemployment benefits for each individual who files a claim

  • The employer is considered an interested party to each claim filed

  • Employers are given the opportunity to submit the claimant’s final week’s earnings (which may affect entitlement for that week)

  • Employees establish claims more efficiently and easily and receive timely payment of benefits
If using this format, information must be provided no later than five days prior to the date of the layoff. For assistance contact the Workforce Boards Business Solutions or call the TWC Unemployment Office at (512) 463-2999.

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1. What are the benefits of this program?
2. When do the claims begin?
3. When will our employees be likely to start receiving benefits?
4. What if I cannot provide all of the information requested?
5. How should we send Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) the information once it is formatted?