Layoff Preparedness & Survival

Signs of a Layoff

  • Abrupt management changes
  • Bounced payroll or expense checks
  • Broad corporate restructuring plans
  • A change in attitude toward you and/or other workers
  • Decreased workload
  • Expense reductions such as hiring freezes or reduced overtime
  • Layoffs among competing organizations
  • Suppliers, clients, and/or customers taking their business elsewhere

Getting Ready

  1. Speak with your HR department about a possible transfer
  2. Talk to your family and let them know what may be coming
  3. Assess your finances
  4. Keep a positive attitude and show you are valuable to the company
  5. Update your resume
  6. Research opportunities with other companies
  7. Determine if your employer will provide any assistance such as a severance package
  8. Think about using your benefits while you still have them
  9. Collect personal information, performance reviews, documents to take with you, etc.
  10. Network, network, network

How to Respond

  1. Stay professional
  2. Don’t burn bridges
  3. Get letters of recommendation from your supervisor(s)
  4. Discuss the following with your HR department: vacation and sick time remaining, continuing health coverage with COBRA insurance, understanding and rolling over your 401(k) or pension plan

Managing Stress

  • Examine your circumstances...this may be a great time for a career change!
  • Explain your situation to family and friends
  • Remember this is not a reflection of your talents or abilities
  • Stay active with hobbies and interests
  • Stay on a "work schedule" and get back on the job market
  • Think about additional training

So you got laid off...NOW WHAT?

You’ve done your best to prepare, or maybe there were no signs until one day you were handed that pink slip. Now what? Remember that people are usually laid off because they were in the wrong workplace at the wrong time and it is an unfortunate circumstance. Try not to take it personally and open yourself to the idea that this could be a great opportunity for you to change career paths, go back to school, or find a new corporate culture to love. Here you will find a number of career resources to help with your job hunt and information on assistance to weather the storm.

Get Back to Work

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