Free Required Posters


State and federal laws require employers to display several posters at the workplace. Posters should be displayed in such a way that each employee can readily see them.

Conspicuous Placement

Generally, the requirements have language such as "conspicuously placed" and "readily accessible" to employees. That would mean employees who do not normally get to certain offices would not be served by posters displayed at those offices.

The offices, or sub-offices, where those employees normally congregate would need to have the posters displayed for the benefit of the employees who are served by each such location.

Temporary Work Sites

Posters and other kinds of required notices do not have to be placed in individual locations that are only temporary work sites. For example, construction workers building homes in a subdivision would not need to have posters in each house, but rather only in a company job site trailer for the project.

Available Posters

Required posters (all free of charge) available from the Texas Workforce Commission include:

View a complete listing of required and optional posters.

Co-Employment Situations

In addition, you will find information concerning co-employment situations or temporary employees assigned to client companies where the employees working at client sites are co-employed by the staffing firms and their clients under various state and federal employment laws.