Job Search

Quick Tips

The term job search means something much different these days than it did 15 or 20 years ago. These days, you can approach a job search from multiple angles. The following are some quick tips for today’s job searcher.

Start With an Updated Resume

Your written work history and skills will help you focus your job search. You can approach it from the perspective of potential employers that are in the same or similar industries as those with whom you have worked in the past, or you can focus on the skills you have that are transferable to other industries.

Go Online

There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of job search sites. Here at the Workforce Center, we start at Work In Texas. Get registered there so you can be matched against the jobs employers in the region and the state have already entered into the system. There are also websites that pull job listings in from all kinds of sources all over the country. Do a search for "job search engine site."

Use Your Network

Update your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and/or blog pages so all those people you are connected to know you are looking for work. All those people know other people who may know of job opportunities for you.

In addition to the virtual world, let people in your brick and mortar world know you are available for work. There may be neighbors, former employers and co-workers, teachers, etc who are aware of an upcoming position where they work. Make sure everyone you know keeps you in mind if they hear of something appropriate for you.

Workshops & More Information

For more information or help with your job search, check out our virtual workshops or request additional information below

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