Partnership Opportunities

The Workforce Solutions system offers grant opportunities at the state and local level. The local Workforce Solutions Board works closely with businesses, training providers, or other organizations interested in seeking funding available at the state level from the Texas Workforce Commission for the Skills Development Fund and Self-Sufficiency Fund programs. Entities interested in becoming an eligible training provider may apply online to become a certified provider in 1 or more local workforce areas. Currently, there are additional partnership opportunities available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

External Grant Partners & Program Recommendations

The Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas Board also welcomes external grant partners and program recommendations from any party that wishes to contribute to creating a better-prepared workforce. Any party seeking to partner with Workforce Solutions must submit a 2-page executive summary containing:

  • Funding agent
  • Proposed program activities
  • Program outcomes
  • Partners participating in the grant or a copy of the proposed grant application

Submitting Information

Information should be submitted via hard copy, electronically, or faxed as follows:
Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas Board
500 Chestnut
Suite 1200
Abilene, TX 79602
Attention: Executive Director
Contact Us
Fax: 325-795-4300